What Counts Towards the Medicare Part D Coverage Gap?

To get out of the coverage gap that is associated with Medicare Part D
it is important to know what expenses are a part of this gap and what
isn’t.  The smarter you are about your choices of what to pay for the
better off you will be when it comes time to reach the gap.  Here is a
brief description of what is and what is not covered with the Medicare
Part D Coverage Gap:

1.      Your yearly deductible, copayments and coinsurance count towards
the coverage gap that you are struggling with.  This means that
basically every covered payment you make goes towards closing this
2.      The discount you get on brand-name drugs in the coverage gap also
counts towards closing that gap.
3.      What you pay while you are in the coverage gap counts as well until
you have made it out of the dreaded coverage gap.

What is not covered is the monthly drug plan premium that you have to
pay and the drugs you pay for that are not covered by your plan.  So
almost everything you pay towards your health and recovery counts
towards the gap in coverage.

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