What Services are Not Covered by Medicare Part A?

When you are enrolling in your Medicare benefits it is always good to know what you can and cannot get from a particular coverage, such as Medicare Part A.  Medicare Part A generally has to do with hospital insurance and similar things related to a hospital stay being covered.  However, it is not just beneficial to know what is covered, it will help you to know what is not covered by Medicare Part A.

Medicare Part A does not cover the following:

•Private duty nursing is not covered and should not be considered a part Medicare Part A.  This will likely have to be covered by personal funding.

•A television or telephone in your room or personal care items like razors or slipper socks will not be covered by Medicare Part A.  Make sure you have someone that can bring you these things while you are in the hospital.

•A private room unless medically necessary will not be covered by Medicare Part A.  This is viewed as being an extra benefit not a necessity.

•The first three pints of blood unless the blood deductible has been met will not be covered by Medicare Part A.  This is good to know if you have already paid your deductible for the year.

The doctor services you get while you are in a hospital may be filed under Part B.  Don’t forget that some of the above may also be covered under other parts of Medicare, but not under Medicare Part A.

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