Aetna Disciplined for Medicare Enrollment

The Federal government tracks all companies that sell Medicare related products to make sure that individuals are not being taken advantage of or tricked into certain situations in regards to Medicare or Medicare enrollment.  Recently, one of the largest insurance companies in America, Aetna was charged with improprieties in regards to Medicare enrollment.  Below are some of the charges levied against them.

• Improper processing of coverage decisions and expedited appeal requests in cases where delays would jeopardize the life or health of the member.  This is particularly scary to individuals who may be waiting for the approval of one procedure or another to prolong their livelihood.

• Application of prior authorization and step therapy drug requirements that had not been approved by Medicare.  Anytime Medicare enrollment processes go beyond the scope of what is approved by Medicare it will be a large issue.

• Failure to take timely and proper steps to ensure members are eligible for the Part D low-income subsidy.  It is something that is taken very seriously be Medicare that Medicare enrollment cover this possible subsidy.

If you are a subscriber to Aetna’s insurance services that are part of Medicare you should contact your congressman.  Medicare enrollment questions can be answered by your insurance company if you have any further concerns.

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