Are there any Drugs Excluded in Medicare Part D?

Any type of coverage of anything at all that is offered by the government will have its fair share of exclusions.  These exclusions generally exclude things that are not completely vital for a human being to function from day to day.  Sure, they may help you live a happier and enjoyable, more care-free life but they are not completely necessary to life itself.

Generally, weight loss drugs are excluded under Medicare Part D because they are not completely necessary to day-to-day functioning.  These drugs could help you lose weight which may indirectly cause happiness to be more attainable, but they are not completely necessary.  Weight loss can generally be attained through other means, though it may not be as quick and painless.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are also not usually covered under Medicare Part D because everyone can agree they don’t sustain your life.  They can improve your enjoyment of life and may give you something to look forward to, but that is not what health insurance is about.  There are a few other excluded drugs under Part D, including benzodiazepines and barbiturates, but none are as discussed as these two.

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