Does Medicare Cover a Defibrillator?

With the rising numbers related to heart disease in our country it is easy to understand why the need for defibrillators are necessary now more than ever.  If you should happen to need one it is important to know that it may be covered by your Medicare policy.  You just have to have the basic Part A or Part B Medicare coverage in order to get some coverage through your policy.

Medicare Part A or Part B covers defibrillators for certain people diagnosed with heart failure, depending on whether the surgery takes place in a hospital inpatient or outpatient setting.  This determination will come from your doctor based on whether they think you need the assistance of a hospital staff after your procedure is done.

In 2011, your responsibility is to pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the doctor’s services.  You pay a copayment, but no more than the Part A inpatient hospital deductible, if you get the defibrillator as a hospital outpatient.  The Part B deductible does apply in this situation so it will help that you get credit towards your deductible for the year.

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