Have You Tried Medicare’s Blue Button?

Medicare is continuing to try to bring improved service through use of
the internet and one of those improvements is by use of the Blue
Button on MyMedicare.gov.  With this button there is the ability to
access prior Medicare claims and other information pertinent to your
history.  Here are a few other things that you can do with the Blue
Button to improve your health insurance experience.

1.      You can access most of your medical history to be able to better
provide information to your healthcare providers, friends, family
members or caregivers.  This means that you can logon anywhere and
have access to the information that may be the most important to you
and your family.
2.      Your personal health record can also be used in accordance with the
Blue Button to add exemplary service.  You can import the information
to one of the other systems and make it even easier to access and
3.      The ease of use is really the best part of the Blue Button as it
allows you to access information that would have previously taken much
more work.  It is also very safe and secure from anyone that is
illegally trying to take your health history.

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