Is Medicare an Option for People on Social Security?

Medicare has long been thought of as a health insurance option for people who are on social security for whatever reason in their lives.  What many people do not know is that Medicare is not really an option for you if you hope to be on Social Security.  Medicare is not an option because it is something that you are forced to do in order to receive Medicare benefits.

In addition to this information it may surprise you to know that you are not allowed to pay cash when you are receiving a service that Medicare denies but usually covers.  This is because of a 1997 law (the Balanced Budget Act) that disallows contracts between patients and doctors.  It is important that you know this before you get in to trouble for violating this bylaw.

Medicare is a strange bird because of some of the obscure rules that exist to protect or keep it structured to incur harm or loss.  If you hope to be covered by social security you must remember that Medicare Part A is not an option for you, you must enroll regardless of your own preference.  You could see the loss of your social security promise if you happen to violate one of these premises.

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