Medicare Benefits and the Obama Healthcare Plan

The Obama Healthcare Plan has been in the news for the last couple of years now and it is even more pressing news as the plan is so close to being in force.  Many people are aware of the effects that the plan will have on the private insurance companies in the country, but how will it affect Medicare benefits?  Are there changes that could happen soon to Medicare benefits that Medicare beneficiaries should know about?

One of the biggest and possibly soonest changes under the new healthcare plan to Medicare benefits is the free checkups and screenings.  This is part of Obama’s changes that he wants in force next year and it would entitle all beneficiaries, even if they do not change insurance plans, to get a free annual checkup and free screening.  These changes would benefit thousands or possibly millions of Medicare beneficiaries across the country.

The free screenings could include preventative measures such as colonoscopies and mammograms, which would be a relief to many.  These changes to Medicare benefits have not been made or put in force yet, but the final steps are being walked in Washington right now.  Be sure to check back for other possible changes to Medicare benefits with the new healthcare plan.

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