Medicare Covers Diabetes Self-Management Training

A normal life doesn’t really happen to people that are diagnosed with Diabetes. Blood/sugar levels must be constantly checked to make sure you aren’t going to have an attack and this is just the tip of the iceberg. In order to help you deal with this in your life Medicare will pay for “Diabetes Self-Management Training”.

You will pay 20% of the Medicare approved amount for the training and the Medicare Part B deductible will apply. Signing up for the training on your own is not permitted, however, if you want Medicare to pay for it. A written order must be supplied by your physician or other health care provider to cover the training.

If you are suffering from diabetes you could completely alter your life with this self-management training. Taking good care of yourself will keep from making things worse and this should be your goal. Knowing that you have made a difference in your own life will make the small fee you have to pay much easier to swallow.

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