Medicare Part A: Is Blood Paid for?

The very question in and of itself is terrifying and very grim, but the question has been asked by many a Medicare patient, is the blood I need covered?  Many people don’t realize that some of your Medicare Part A coverage may kick in when this situation arises.  If you are in the situation that you need blood don’t wait on your insurance to decide if it will be covered or not.

In most cases, hospitals will be supplied by local blood banks that will not charge for the use of the blood.  These places have only the goal that the blood is put to good use and are not for profit.  However, in the event that you do need to get blood for any reason you may have to cover the first bit of blood that enters your body. 

The first three units of blood that you are given in a calendar year, if not from a blood bank, will be on your dime.  After this the Medicare Part A coverage will kick in to help you with the expenses that you incur.  There is one last solution to the Medicare Part A blood issue, you could have someone donate blood to the hospital specifically for use by you.  How does that sound for a birthday present?

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