New Dates for Medicare 2012 Open Enrollment

For the 2012 plan year you will have new enrollment dates to make your Medicare enrollment easier and more possible to do sooner. One reason for the move is to give you more time to get health or prescription drug plans solved for 2012. Three main periods of time are available to you and they will be described in greater detail for your benefit.

1. October 1-15, 2011: At this point your option is to compare what you currently have to what is available to you so you can decide between your choices.

2. October 15-December 7, 2011: You can select your 2012 prescription drug coverage at this point as it is the true open enrollment period. Changing this may be available at a few other times in life as well.

3. January 1, 2012: Your coverage will begin on this date if you switched coverage options. There are new costs and benefits for you to take in if you want to keep your Medicare health and prescription coverages accurate.

Asking local experts around you about the changes is strongly encouraged, though the above information is accurate for 2012 Medicare.

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