Stopping Medicare Supplier Fraud: Be Wary of Free Equipment

Medicare fraud has become even more prevalent these days with the amount of money to be made and the ability to prey on the elderly being easy for the evildoers.  The hard thing about Medicare fraud is that it isn’t just coming from those that are trying to defraud you as possible providers, but as suppliers too.  One way that people are doing this is by sending you “free” equipment that isn’t just as free as it looks at first.

If you receive any “free” medical equipment that you know you didn’t sign up for you should immediately be suspicious of it.  This is a scheme by a supplier to get someone, you or Medicare, to eventually pay for the item that they sent you.  Sure, at first they seem very helpful and proper, but it will get ugly the longer they don’t get their money.

If you receive equipment that you did not sign up for you should contact your local social security or Medicare office to report the incident.  Keep what was sent to you so you can turn it over to the authorities as evidence of the attempted fraud.  If it seems too good to be true it is and free equipment is too good to be true.

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