Stopping Medicare Supplier Fraud: Random Phone Calls from Unknown People

When you start receiving any kind of random phone calls it can be disturbing to think about what is happening and what people are trying to do to you. Phone calls that are from unknown callers can be scary because you don’t understand the motive behind it, but they are even stranger when you don’t know how the information was obtained by the caller. People calling you randomly and asking you about your Medicare supplies should not be trusted in any way.

Random phone calls are strange enough when you are trying to get through the day and when the call has something to do with Medicare it can become even stranger. Don’t let the caller know anything about you personally and try to find out everything from them that you possibly can so you can turn it over to the authorities. People that try these scams and frauds need to be dealt with sternly in their lives.

If a caller calls you and asks about your Medicare situation and you don’t know them at all you shouldn’t worry about what they have to say. Politely respond that you are not interested and disconnect the call so you don’t have any further chance to give up information to them. Just get the things that you need from your healthcare provider and stay away from anyone that shows up at your door or on the phone unannounced.

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