The Medicare Part D Coverage Gap Continues

Medicare, like many insurance companies, has made some mistakes over
the years that they are trying to correct with recent changes.  One of
these mistakes was a coverage gap that left many people struggling to
pay for medications that they needed.  Now, you can get help, though
it won’t pay for everything.  Here is a brief synopsis of what you
will pay when you reach the coverage gap.

When you have entered the coverage gap you will get a 50% discount on
covered brand name drugs and pay 86% of the plan’s cost for covered
generic drugs.  This will be a good break, though it still doesn’t
completely satisfy the needs of those that fall in the coverage gap.
It is important to point out that everyone will not fall in the
coverage gap and have to deal with these issues.

It is possible that some plans will charge a slightly higher premium
in exchange for more of a discount on generic drugs.  You will have to
check with your plan administrator to see if you have that option
available to you.  Remember, these agreements are temporary and will
increase in savings until the coverage gap disappears in 2020.

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