What is the Influenza Treatment Demonstration?

As flu season approaches there are sure to be headlines in newspapers and segments in the evening news about the costs associated with flu shots.  People with Medicare benefits are often curious as to how their flu prevention costs will be affected from year-to-year, with good reason.  This year the government has offered a new program that you may not have heard of, courtesy of the Medicare.gov website:
“Seniors who get the flu can get help paying for antiviral medicines under a new demonstration project. The Influenza Treatment Demonstration provides coverage to all Medicare beneficiaries for FDA-approved drugs for the treatment and targeted prevention of influenza.”  This could be very good news to people who are on Medicare and qualify for the project.
If you qualify for this new trial project Medicare benefits may cover your anti-viral medicines related to symptoms of influenza, as a prevention measure for a person who has been exposed to a person with influenza, or in an institution where there has been an outbreak.  If you feel like you qualify for this project and it sounds like something that you are interested in doing you should contact your local Medicare offices or visit the official Medicare website.

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