Where Do Internet-Ignorant Seniors Go For Medicare Information?

When you look at the number of seniors who do not know how to operate a computer, let alone find information online, what do they do when they need to find out about enrolling in Medicare or Medicaid programs? Well, in Florida, they go to the public library.

If you need information about the latest Medicare Part D program or if you want to know how to apply for it and you are not computer savvy, the library will offer you the best possible resources. It is amazing just how much a qualified librarian can help and guide you along when it comes to filling forms or finding out more about any particular program.

If there were no librarian resources, many seniors would probably be left in the lurch and would hardly progress beyond square one. There have been studies done in Florida where e-government services are made very accessible thanks to public libraries and this goes beyond Medicare information to tax filing on the web, loan applications, social security benefits and passport and immigration formalities.

The thing is that today, librarians seem to be very knowledgeable about government web sites and how to navigate the necessary services. Seniors are given a guiding hand when it comes to downloading and filling in forms and in submitting them.

Public libraries today are a source of very vital support when it comes to seniors and especially when it comes to their healthcare information. Considering how much librarians compile in order to make things easier for people, it really is admirable. Today, they really serve as a important link between the e-world of information and seniors who do not have the knowledge to have access to this world. It is community service at its very best.

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